Move Supervisors

American Office Installers

General Job Description

Move Supervisor leads crews and performs efficient move & relocation of office furniture, equipment, and cartons within clients’ facilities in a safe and professional manner.

Move Supervisor is responsible for leading crews to efficiently and timely complete designated work with a high level of quality workmanship and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Move Supervisor leads the transportation of furniture, office equipment, and related items to/from specified location(s) to and/or within building/locations. Supervisor operates vehicles and mechanical equipment as required to facilitate loading, unloading, and transport of materials as appropriate to the area of operation.

Move Supervisor may work in a variety of offices, research and/or patient care facilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Load and unload (product) trucks adhering to ALL safety and material handling procedures.
  • Stage furniture/products according to provided and reviewed game plan.
  • Leads the relocation of furniture, equipment, cartons, etc., efficiently and according to provided drawings/floor plans, based on provided and reviewed game plan.
  • Reports any/all damages immediately to Operations Manager & Vice President.
  • Completes assignments accurately, efficiently and on time according to directives and provided game plan and timeframes.
  • Communicates any questions and/or issues to Operations Manager & Vice President and potentially to customer
  • Direct interaction with customer(s) in regards to project, plans, requested changes, etc.
  • Conducts oneself professionally at all times.
  • Adheres to ALL of AOI’s documented and reviewed policies and procedures.
  • Loads and unloads furniture and related materials onto and off trucks, ensuring that appropriate padding and ropes are used to prevent damage.
  • Locates and relocates desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, and other related office equipment and furniture.
  • Arranges and sets up furniture and related items for classroom and special events use as instructed.
  • Performs snow removal, as appropriate to the area of operation.
  • Ensures proper care in the use and maintenance of equipment and supplies; promotes continuous improvement of workplace safety and environmental practices.
  • May perform general maintenance, custodial, and trash removal tasks.
  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


A. Personal and Interpersonal Skills

  • Has the ability to understand and carry-out directions from Vice President.
  • Is professional in appearance and in manners.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong work ethic and a very ethical approach to the business.
  • Is punctual and self-motivated.
  • Has the ability to work irregular hours and extended shifts, including any overnight out of town assignments.

B. Technical and Product Skills

  • Is mechanically adept and knows how to safely use tools and equipment.
  • Completely understands move/relocation processes: unloading, loading, staging, uncartoning.
  • Can read drawings/floor plans, blueprints effectively.
  • Is capable and efficient in the leading of crews resulting in quality workmanship.
  • Understands product specifications and descriptions.
  • Can identify basic finishes, colors and fabrics.

C. Responsibility and Decision-Making Skills

  • Takes ownership for assignment results and details—follows through to assignment’s completion.
  • Is capable of reacting to varying project/field conditions and able to make decisions to solve problems and changes in the scope of work.
  • Is responsible for other’s property, including client’s building, equipment and furniture.
  • Is responsible for the dealership’s tools, equipment and vehicles, by keeping them clean and in proper working order and condition.

D. Administrative Skills

  • Understands and follows through with consistent and accurate paperwork; receiving documentation, detailed time sheets, client sign-offs, punch list items, change orders, product return forms, inventory check-out, etc.
  • Paperwork is neat, clear, intelligible and complete, and done in a timely manner.
  • Communicates task status and problems to Operations Manager, Vice President and Scheduler in a timely and clear and concise manner from the jobsite.
  • Has basic computer and smart phone/tablet skills; IQ Coordinator.

E. Other Technical Skills/Requirements

  • Is comfortable and capable of driving a 24’ straight or cube truck, and can do so safely.
  • Maintain a good driving record and follows all DOT rules and regulations.
  • Understands furniture material handling and logistical processes.
  • Can receive and document receipt of product in a thorough and accurate manner.
  • Can use IQ Coordinator effectively.

Working conditions

  • Extensive physical activity. Requires strenuous physical work; heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling required of objects over 75 pounds.
  • Job responsibilities and working conditions can/will involve carry up/down of stairs including product, equipment, cartons, etc. Carry up/down requirements include having them proper manpower and/or equipment to complete  the carry up/down in a safe and professional manner.
  • Work environment involves some exposure to hazards or physical risks, which require following basic safety precautions and AOI’s Safety Policies.
  • Work involves considerable exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises.

Physical requirements

  • Has physical strength and stamina required to lift and move furniture, boxes and equipment, often in excess of 75 lbs; in accordance with provided Safety Policy and material handling training.
  • Job responsibilities and working conditions can/will involve carry up/down of stairs including product, equipment, cartons, etc. Carry up/down requirements include having them proper manpower and/or equipment to complete  the carry up/down in a safe and professional manner.