Businesses are constantly changing due to a variety of internal and external factors – some of which you can see on the horizon, and others that can emerge without warning — your workplace design must also adjust in light of employee turnover and on-boarding, evolving organizational strategies, and new workflow requirements.

American Office Installers will work in accordance with your desired schedule in order to minimize or eliminate workflow disruption and downtime. Our team can work around your normal business hours, including early mornings, late evenings and weekends. We can also implement your customized office furniture reconfiguration plan in a series of phases.

• Adhering to Professional Moving Standards

Your office furniture and equipment are valuable corporate assets, and must be handled with the utmost care. Every member of our team is highly trained, experienced, and adheres to professional moving standards. We’re friendly, responsive and accessible — which is what you should expect from an elite office furniture reconfiguration partner!

• Total Clean-up

We don’t believe that our job is done unless and until every last box, sheet of bubble wrap, or any other item involved in the reconfiguration project is cleaned up and cleared away. This may not seem important to note, but frankly, we’ve been told by our customers over the years that this was not always a top priority of their previous office moving partner. Be assured that it’s part of our commitment. We’re professionals — and it shows.

Furniture Management Services

At the end of your office furniture reconfiguration project, you may have components you no longer need or that you want to store for use at a future time.

Recycle – You can avoid the disposal costs of leftover office furniture and save landfill space by recycling it. In addition, you can possibly earn valuable LEEDS certification and credits as well.

Storage – We offer short and long-term storage at our secured warehouse/storage location.